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Knozen will be launching this Winter.

we’re bringing personality to the internet.

wouldn’t it be great if we could know what people liked about us?

knozen is a mobile app to discover and share personalities with your friends.

we use fun, free, social games in a unique new way to show people’s personalities so that you can comment and share and let people know what you think makes them unique and different.

knozen is a positive, supportive place for discovering and sharing personality.

knozen is a new effort to bring greater human understanding into the world through technology.

the presence of powerful computers in the pocket of almost every person on the planet is an opportunity to use technology to make our lives more connected, better understood, more meaningful.

at knozen, we're creating the personality API for the internet that will create and enable an entire class of human-understanding technologies. we're here to discover, explore, and display the world’s personalities.

Come join us, and change the way you see yourself.